Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help with decorating ideas?!??


The walls in my bedroom are way too plain.
They're white, because we can't paint them since i live in an apartment.
I have a really bright, multiple colored bedspread, and a bright colored rug.
I'm 16......
Any ideas? :)

Use that foam board stuff that is covered with posterboard. You know the stuff used for school projects.

Cut it into strips and make a 3-D stripe pattern on your wall. Cover the one foot wide strips with fabric .... or make a collage from magazine clippings..... or use stickers that you love to make a pattern like a scrapbook on your wall..... whatever you can think of to really brighten up the wall.

Instead of 'strips' you could do squares and arrange them in some geometrical pattern.
Then you can use some empty CD cases.... take the black CD holder out of the case until you are left with only the clear case.
Go to the scrap book store and find the printed colorful paper with all different kinds of patterns on it ..... choose some that you like. Cut the paper to fit inside the CD case. Then mount your favorite picture inside the case. (You can also find picture mounting corners at the scrapbook store)
***Then, simply open the case and change the pictures anytime you want.
Mount the CD on the foam board squares to make your own artistic display of your pictures.

You can also get 'wall clings'.... these just stick to the walls and can be pulled off whenever you want. They leave no residue on the walls at all. They are like the window clings you put on your windows for the holidays.... except now they make them for the walls, and they stick very well and don't ever need any attention. We had some up in a kids room for over three years ..... no problems with them at all.
Check at Home Depot or Lowe's for wall clings in the wall paper section. (They are nothing like wall paper... it is just where they keep them). They have lotssssssss of choices of patterns.

Bedroom ideas for a 13 yr old girl?

Mleena V

My room is starting to look too little kid-ish. (I'm giving some stuffed animals to my siblings) anyway any ideas for a new room? I don't have a lot of money-- do no new furniture. I still want it to look feminine but just older. Kaythanksbye :)

Buy some magazines like J-14, Tiger Beat and QuizFest which have posters (Don't forget the 1D/One Direction ones!!). Hang these posters up in your room. Hang up used iTunes cards in your room if you love music. Make it messy!

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